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Snack Ninja

“But Mum! I was hungry!” My mischievous Bruce may want to be a ninja when he grows up, but his current attacks on the kitchen is more reminiscent of a viking. Pillaging snacks on whim, he’ll take the loot and feast in his room. Given how he likes to hide the evidence, this leads to… Read More Snack Ninja

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Box Office Books

With more and more books serving as the inspiration for shows and movies, this creates a real dilemma for me. Some adaptations make me squeal with joy. Others make me want to tear my hair. A recent discovery of one has certainly put me in a writing quandary. Just when I thought I’m all prepared… Read More Box Office Books

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When Pigs Fly

Ever have those ideas that you tuck away, telling yourself “Oh, I’ll do that someday”. When that porcine wonder gets airborne, right? My Pinterest boards are full of them, and nearly two years ago that was never more true than the one crammed with children’s art projects and good intentions. Jack starting school changed that. After sending… Read More When Pigs Fly

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Reading Resolutions

Yet another cold winter’s day here on the prairies. What could be more wonderful then brewing fresh pot of tea, and spending time with all of you? Thanks to the generosity of loved ones (who know me so well) I have amassed a wealth of tea over Christmas to enjoy from Teavana and David’s Tea so I’m all set. This… Read More Reading Resolutions

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Manic Mondays

Contemplating my great to-do list (Monday’s list always seems to be the most daunting, don’t you think?) the one thing that made me smile and hop with excitement was the one right on the top; “Post in Blog”. That made me skip out of bed, and face the daunting task of preparing three children for… Read More Manic Mondays

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Meet the Crew

“No man is an island” and no Bookaneer can sail alone. We all need someone to love, love us, care for, keep us grounded, encourage our mad ideas and share in what makes us smile. Even more especially in that last part. But having all that along with a willingness to read the books that… Read More Meet the Crew