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The Bookaneer Begins

I have a confession to make: I am an ardent bookworm. To those who know me, this will come as no great surprise. Indeed, it may be considered an understatement. But really,when it comes to books, I am one happy little maniac.

What are the signs of bookworm mania, you might ask? I have been dragged-literally- out of bookstores by my dear ones who, after hours on end wish to resume their own lives and have kindly decided not to leave me to eke out an existence among the shelves. I find going anywhere without reading material to be insufferable, and running out of said material is a horrible fate. In the not so distant past I have been known to make book recommendations to complete strangers (usually at the library, as I’m less likely to get weird  looks that way…not that it stops me elsewhere though). I have dabbled in working at a bookstore, library, and as the substitute teacher who read, lots, to my classes. My home is our very own family library, with books tucked in anywhere they will fit, and often in places where they don’t.

Yet in this digital age where many announce books are going the way of the dinosaur, where more and more people either don’t care to read or even outright dislike it, why does it matter? A blog about the joys on the archaic pastime of reading must be the height of lunacy! Well my friends, let me tell you something about bookworms: we are a passionate bunch who refuse to fade quietly into the night. Away from our beloved books we can be a loud, zealous lot who are always thrilled to recruit.

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Ultimately, my purpose in writing this blog is to share the joys of reading and how this simple thing has enriched both my life and the life of my family. If I can persuade you to join in the delight and fun by reading more, so much the better! Here are some of the top reasons why me and my hearty crew of ‘Bookaneers’ read (and why you should too):

1. Reading is good for you

Okay.  Now I’ve made books sound like salad. Sorry. We’ve all been told to read in a way that reminds me of my own attempts to get my kids to eat their vegetables. It’s healthy! Makes you smarter! You will be a better person! How about just a little, alright sweetie? There are numerous studies on the benefits of reading, just as there are on greens, but while I’m still not too sure about salad, there is another great thing about reading which leads me to number two…

2. Reading Inspires

I am a better person from books, not kidding. Books have given me ideas along with the road map on how to get there and do that. Among other things, there’s a reason why I read my scriptures everyday; it’s so I can  remind myself what I can do to improve. There’s also a reason for my collection of cookbooks too; so I and my family can enjoy our vegetables, plus every now and then indulge in some pie.

3. Reading is just great fun

Way more fun than the best salad you’ve ever tried, or for that matter, even pie. Books are also less fattening and last longer than dessert, and even longer than our vegetables too! It can be a shared experience with a child, or with friends. You have only to say “Oh you clever, clever girl!” to me and my family and we will laugh. Why is this so funny? You’ll have to read the book to get it. Just remember this…

Not sure where to get started? One of my all-time favourite book resources is Goodreads, a forum to discover  you can’t wait to read, network with book enthusiasts, and mark your progress on the reading journey.

These are a just a few quick thoughts that I wanted to get out there while I sort out this whole blogging thing.  Until tomorrow then, have fun and happy reading to you all!


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