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Snack Ninja

“But Mum! I was hungry!”

My mischievous Bruce may want to be a ninja when he grows up, but his current attacks on the kitchen is more reminiscent of a viking.

Pillaging snacks on whim, he’ll take the loot and feast in his room. Given how he likes to hide the evidence, this leads to some rather smelly and gross finds when we help tidy up. The kid is stealthy though- how do I not catch him in the act?! This weekend’s antics though was a strain on my mothering skills. Thanks to Bruce not only are we now out of peanut butter, but my supposed secret stash of Jif is gone!

It’s a good thing we love him. Seriously, with this kid the cuteness isn’t just a blessing of nature, or (as I like to think) a genetic boon from his mother. In Bruce’s case, it’s a survival tactic.

At any rate, it did inspire this poem.

Snack Ninja

Hiding with the peanut butter-
It’s my favourite snack.
Quiet now! Don’t let Mum know
‘Cuz then she’ll take it back!

Antics aside though, along with Monday’s poetry pickle, I want to start sharing some of the books that make me happy. You know, to share the reading joy. That’s a big part of what the Bookaneer is about, right? So, without further ado, here’s some printed treasure for your reading pleasure.

First of all there’s this, my very latest book crush, “Station Eleven”. More of you must read this gem of a book, if only for me to have more people to discuss it with! Normally I don’t enjoy distopia fiction, but a story about a Shakespeare theatre troupe in the post-apocalypse? Now that piqued my interest!  Trying to bring light to a darker world the troupe travels around performing to survivors, because, as they insist “survival is insufficient”. However, their light might get snuffed out when they pass through an unusual community. Fantastic characters, exciting story… I can’t wait to reread it, and I want this it for my home library!

Given my own adventures with our resident troublemaker, here’s one we can all enjoy. “No David!”has been a firm favourite here for years. Apparently, the author David Shannon wrote this one after finding a childhood project: pictures of everything he wasn’t supposed to do…and what his mother had to say about it.

Enjoy everybody!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put a padlock on the fridge and pantry door.


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