The Yum Factor

Food… I love it. My passion for food explains a lot about me: my absurdly large cookbook collection, plus the amount of time I’ll happily spend in the kitchen. It’s all in pursuit of what I like to call “the yum factor”. Continuing on with my domestic porn obsession, and my promise from the last post,… Read More The Yum Factor

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Drown Your Ice Cream!

Ooo, the Bookaneer is shaking things up! From now on I’ll be writing not two, but three posts a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Yesterday’s road trip to go visit my Grandpa with the crew made for a tiring day, but I regret nothing! We love visiting, and his skill in the kitchen not only make… Read More Drown Your Ice Cream!

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Cooking Up a Storm

Welcome back everybody! Did you have a good long weekend? We sure did! Romance on the slopes with Mr. Tilney   Daddy with my big sister Hermione.   Atticus, King Daddy, baby Rudyard, Darrow and Akela. Time with family and skiing… those are two of  my most favourite things in the world. This past  weekend I… Read More Cooking Up a Storm


Domestic Porn

Books:my source of power. I have a confession to make: I am addicted to how-to books. Those glossy pictures lure me in, keeping my eyes glued to the page. The text tantalizing me with its promise that yes, I too can do the impossible. Curious and thrilled, I linger. My heart is filled with longing, lust… Read More Domestic Porn

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Move Over Prince Charming!

When we’re old and grey, I want Mr. Tilney and I to love each other this much! True love isSaying sorry, or forgivingwhen mistakes are made.It’s cooking those awesomeWaffles- just because.Making me laughthrough labour contractions,Or getting up with the kidsSo I can sleep in.It’s being the dad ourKids love and need,And eating my latestCulinary disaster.Love… Read More Move Over Prince Charming!

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Cream or Sugar?

Cream or Sugar? I hope I’m never too old To enjoy a tea party: Gathering with friends (Real or  imaginary) To visit and laugh Over the beautiful staccato Of delicate china. For really, tea tastes better When sipped from something Both dainty and pretty, And carving out time With dear friends Is far sweeter Than… Read More Cream or Sugar?


One Wise Rodent

Happy Groundhog Day to you all! Do you ever feel like Phil Connors? Stuck in a time loop,  just like the character does in the movie “Groundhog’s Day”? As he puts it “what would you do if you were stuck in one place, and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did… Read More One Wise Rodent