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Drown Your Ice Cream!

Ooo, the Bookaneer is shaking things up! From now on I’ll be writing not two, but three posts a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Yesterday’s road trip to go visit my Grandpa with the crew made for a tiring day, but I regret nothing! We love visiting, and his skill in the kitchen not only make things sweeter, but even inspired today’s poem.

Seconds anyone?

Drown Your Ice Cream!

Grandpa’s homemade
Chocolate sauce;
Of every kind
His is the boss.
Such decadence
Of great degrees…
But at Grandma’s house
Let’s ignore calories!
Like I’ve mentioned before, I love cooking. My inspiration is all due to the amazing, creative people that I’m lucky enough to call family.
My Grandpa’s recipe is simple yet sublime. Here it is: combine one can of condensed milk, with one big bar of  Cadbury. Mix in a pot until the chocolate is melted. Drown your ice cream with it and enjoy!
Until Tuesday, I wish scrumptious meals, time with dear ones, and ample reading time to you all. Take care.

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