A is for apple pie, it just can’t be beat. B for the bagels we buy down the street.   C for Dad’s curry, spicy and hot. D is for doughnuts-just don’t eat a lot.   E for the eggplant that Mom makes us try, F is the fudge we’d much rather buy!… Read More Alphafeast



  I wish I had a rocket ship To soar me to the moon, And dance along the Milky Way And not come back ‘til June.   I wish I had a motorbike To zoom along real fast, And weave along a winding road And other cars zip past.   I wish I had a… Read More Wanderlust


Identity Crisis

  My purple giraffe He makes me laugh And this is what makes him So funny: Again and again Though we try to explain, Yet still he’s convinced He’s a bunny!


Candy Shopping

Candy blocks! Sugar rocks, Gummie bears! Lollipops! Lemon drops Sold in pairs! Caramel! Fudge as well? What’s a kid to do? What to get? Here I fret With a buck or two!