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Writing Up a Furious Storm of Words

Writing is increasingly becoming a big part of my life. The blog,  poems, my stories… Considering that I want to be a children’s author when/if  I grow up, this is good.  Paper, a fountain pen, and a pot of my favourite tea– give me that and I’m a happy girl. These days, my fountain pen is dancing across the page faster than ever; a veritable storm of words.

As you regular readers will know, this is the day for one of my original poems, but how about a story? Right now I’m doing the groundwork of a new novel, one that when ready, I’ll release as a serial here on the Bookaneer. Discussing my story with my friend and fellow writer Lizzy she had one important question, “So where’s the dragon?”

She knows me too well. My soft spot for these scaly, flammable beasts is of long standing. A pet dragon is a not-so-secret wish of mine. Which got me to wondering. What if someone did have a pet dragon? Would they bring it over to play? That has the potential for either the most awful, or most amazing afternoon ever.

writing poem DragonPlaydate


Andreas brought his dragon today…

There really isn’t more to say.

Writing Time

As anyone familiar with me on Instagram can attest to, poetry has long been one of my favourite thing to write. Poems get scribbled out when my brain is exhausted. Playing with rhyme and metre never fails- when my story ideas aren’t coming together- to make me smile.

Not with this new story though…it is proving to be a lot of fun. More and more I am writing, and this makes me incredibly happy. When it’s ready, I can’t wait to share this story with you. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend everyone. Time for me to go write up another storm.


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