Digital Revolution: Books on a Budget, Part Two

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Digital is the wave of the future, and I’ve just dipped one timid toe into the waters. Normally, technology and I do not have a good relationship. It bothers and confuses me. At best, we have a truce of mutual toleration. My side  though is peppered with question on how exactly do I make this work?

Yes, I am a complete luddite (especially when it comes to my beloved books). Perfectly happy as one too. Don’t worry, I know that I can download an entire library’s worth onto my phone, but that’s not the point! I love the feel of the book in my hand, the rustle of pages, the smell of paper and ink. Reading is as much a sensory delight as it is an intellectual one.

Which is why my recent adventure is so out of character. Revolutionary even. I now have a digital book on my phone… and I’m actually reading it.

After all, this is about books on a budget! The inescapable truth is digital books are financially friendly. If only for the blog, this was one reading venue I could no longer ignore .

book budget

Two Benefits of Joining the 21 Century

Before I began trying digital books though, it  required convincing. An adult I may be, but I have yet to outgrow my childhood stubbornness. Here then are the reasons I chanted to myself on why going digital was, if not a good idea, at least a practical one.

1. Cheaper

It really is one of the best ways to go hog wild enjoying books without blowing your budget. Digital books are a bargain compared to their paper counterparts. Also, there’s that whole matter of public domain. Free books, digital or otherwise, are a bookworm’s best friend.

2. Space

Keeping boredom at bay at a fraction of the space? Physical books take up a lot of room. I don’t mind this, but when space is at a premium it can annoy those nearest and dearest to me. Road trips for example. Also, weight restrictions on flights cannot be ignored . Clutching my books I consider silly things like: “How badly do I need shoes? Leave the sunscreen? I can manage with less underwear, right?”  A wealth of books, all in one light, compact device is simpler.

books budget

The Bookaneer Goes Digital

It’s true. No, hell has not frozen over, but I do have one digital book on my phone right now. Can’t say that it’s my favourite way to read, but it’s nice to know that it’s there should I ever need it. Got to admit though, those ebooks on the library are looking kinda tempting. Anybody know how to work hoopla?

Paper or digital, either way we can all enjoy books without breaking the bank. That makes my nerdy, bookish heart happy.

How about you? Which form of books do you prefer and why? Whatever medium you choose, happy reading everybody!


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