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Chocolate Reads (They’re Sinfully Delicious)


Photos courtesy of Bumbershoot Photography.

Chocolate and books have a lot in common: both increase happiness. Also, I never seem able to stop at just one. But while gorging on too many treats leaves me sick and full of self-loathing (a very real possibility this weekend), a gluttony of books leads to more positive results.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing how to expand your home library without breaking the bank. Yet why do books on a budget even matter? What motivates me to pinch pennies, let alone face my fears of technology and read digital?

Ultimately, it’s so when I find something wonderful I can snatch it up without a qualm. I can indulge and take that pricey reading treasure home. Such is the case with the book I’m sharing this week. It costs a pretty penny, but it’s worth every cent.

Some “chocolate” (be it candy or books) is more like brown crayons on masquerade. Do not waste time with such frauds! Life is too short for the mediocre- go for the sinfully delicious.

Chocolate Cache

reads magazine Mollie Makes
Mollie Makes, I horde these away like a squirrel.

Mollie Makes

This is one sweet read! Okay, okay, technically this isn’t a book, yet this magazine makes me (plus everyone I share it with) all kinds of happy. It fills my mailbox with joy, plus has embolden me to try the “impossible”. Things which have enriched my life: hand sewing,  decorating my home, this blog…

Chockfull of crafty projects, exclusive prints, and articles about  entrepreneurs each edition inspires and fuels creativity. Plus a free kit comes with every one! Plenty of reading delight.

Mollie Makes crafts
My kitchen wall, all inspired from reading my favourite magazine.

Weekend Plans

Our Easter holidays have begun at last! We’ll be having an egg hunt and picnic, going to church, a ham dinner to prepare, and sooner or later the Easter Bunny will be stopping by. I for one hope he brings me a book along with all that chocolate.

What’s your favourite Easter treat? Mine is the Lindt bunnies. Reading anything especially scrumptious right now? Comment below.

chocolate reads Mollie Makes

Until next time, it’s a cloudy day… and I’ve got the latest Mollie Makes along with a pilfered handful of chocolate mini eggs to brighten things up. Reading bliss my friends, reading bliss.


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