Book Addiction: How to find the Books that Inspire them

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Ah, a book addiction! Those stories that consume your life, reality fades away as you read. You burn that midnight oil. Nothing else matters in that moment -except for what happens next.

They say you never forget you’re first time, and I sure haven’t. It’s all Hermione’s fault. My big sister sat me down and read “James and the Giant Peach”. I’d avoided reading it, claiming disinterest… but those protestations didn’t last long.

From the first page I was hooked, and with each chapter I begged for more. One more chapter wasn’t enough, I wanted the whole story now! Bedtime came and went, all but unheeded  (along with parental admonitions to settle down). We read on. Finally, at three o’clock the next morning we finished the book.

It’s been my favourite way to read ever since. All reading material not being written equally though, how do find the books that inspire such fervour?

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Finding Your Fix

Knowing where to start is vital. How to get your hands on such splendid books? Everyone’s taste is different. This is not a list of recommended titles (more on that later this week, as I do every Thursday). No, here’s my tried and true tricks on getting your hands on the good stuff.

1. Read lots and often

This is more a default, but really, the more you read the more likely you are to finding books to immerse yourself in.

2. Variety

Be willing to read outside of your comfort zone. Try something different. Fan of Regency novels? Give that SciFi fantasy a whirl. Different genres are your friend. You never know what might might give you a reading thrill until you try it.

3. Find Your People

We readers are an evangelical lot. Branch out and we will pepper you with new titles for your to-read list. Go to the library, join a bookclub… all else fails, go to Goodreads, the Facebook for book addicts.

candle reading book addiction
Reading by candlelight… helps me read “one more chapter” .

A Healthy Addiction

It is finally (finally!) our Easter holidays. Now is the time for me to indulge in a good book, and ignore reality-at least for a little while. Time to burn that candle late into the night. After all,  my current read is addictive.

Ever had a book addiction? Which book  kept you reading late into the night? WHat’s your fondest memory of losing yourself in its pages?

Until next time, may you all enjoy an addictive read.


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