Favourite Books: Two Titles I Cannot Do Without

favourite books
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“What’s your favourite book?”is not a question I like. My response is mostly comprised of fidgeting, a worried look, then “I can only pick one?”

With so many books, picking one- just one favourite- can feel well nigh impossible. Often it depends on my mood, or what I’m looking for when I read a new book that makes it a favourite. Yes, I have a great list of books that I love. These are the titles that I happily reread, that have pride of place on my bookshelf.

My criteria for  favourites is simple: addictive, good characters and originality.

Here then are two books that do just that. Favourites I’ve  loved for years (because like picking one favourite, limiting myself to just one recommendation is far too tricky).

Firm Favourites

favourite books pile
Top of the list goes to…

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

When asked to list my favourite books, this often tops the list (hence the picture). Without my Grandma and one wonderful movie I would never have found this treasure.

This sets the standard for all other read romances. Usually the rest come up short.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy may be a perfect match, but neither seems to know it. His pride and her prejudice would be hard enough to overcome, never mind the scheming mother and other obstacles thrown their way. Romantic comedy of manners at its best.

“Anne of Green Gables” by L. M. Montgomery

Anne Shirley was one of the dearest friends of my childhood, and even now I still love to go back through the pages to visit. Quite possibly the most endearing heroine ever,  she has  inspired girls (and women) for over a hundred years.

This red-haired, imaginative orphan was not what Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert expected, but she is exactly what they need. Whether it is breaking slates over heads, dyeing her hair green, or hoping for a dress with puffed sleeves Anne Shirley will win your heart.

Reading Plans

While we have many beloved traditions over Easter and our spring break, getting sick is not one of them. Given my queasy stomach though, this does give me a splendid excuse to enjoy something else: ignoring the world and curling up to read an old friend. That should help me to feel better.

After all, that’s what a favourite book is for, right?

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