alphafeast poem
Illustrations by Eva.


A is for apple pie, it just can’t be beat.

B for the bagels we buy down the street.


C for Dad’s curry, spicy and hot.

D is for doughnuts-just don’t eat a lot.


E for the eggplant that Mom makes us try,

F is the fudge we’d much rather buy!


G is for gingerbread we’re waiting to nibble,

H is for hamburger-when you bite it’ll dribble.


I is an ice cream when the days get too hot,

J for jambalaya when the weather is not.

alphafeast poem


K is kabobs eaten hot off the grill.

L is lemon pie which we all eat our fill.


M for Mom’s muffins with butter and honey,

N-slurping noodles, which really is funny.


O is for omelet with some toast underneath,

P for the popcorn that gets stuck in your teeth.


Q for a quick slice of quiche before bed,

R is for raspberries, which turn fingers red.


S is for soup eaten with a big slurp,

T is for turkey eaten with a big “BURP!”


U, upside down cake-a favorite treat,

V is the veggies we’re all told to eat.


W is for Dad’s waffles landing with a loud plop,

X is the x-tra syrup poured over the top.

alphafeast poem bookaneer


Y is for yams, a big supper meanie,


Z is for Grandma’s big giant zucchini!


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