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Ink Worthy Treasures: Books of the Week

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Any book worth its ink should be shared. Stories so wonderful that the only thing better than rereading it, is raving about it to others. These inky treasures are the books that fill me with evangelical zeal. The ones I pester friends and family to read- if only so I have someone to discuss it with. Sometimes my passion for such reads outweighs my common sense- but that pales in comparison to sharing the book joy! Admittedly,  I have- on more than one occasion- pounced upon fellow library patrons with recommendations. Are you surprised to learn that I’ve not only worked at bookstores, but also as a teacher and librarian?

A book club comes in handy with sharing the good stuff. Lately we’ve ventured out into the garden, but the wind is far too blustery today. Let’s stay inside (preferably with a good cup of tea) and curl up with a good book. One for you, and another to share with the kiddos.

That’s right my friends, it is time for the weekly book recommendations! Let’s share some inky treasure and get reading!

An Opulence of Ink

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Who knew punctuation could be so fun?

“Eats, Shoots & Leaves” by Lynn Truss

Thanks to the insistence of my book club, I not only read this book, but now actually own two copies of it. Yes, this bestseller is about-I couldn’t believe it myself- punctuation.  Don’t let that scare you off. Once the realm of sadistic teachers (slashing away at compositions with their red pens) punctuation has been known to strike fear in the hearts of many; myself included.

No more I say! Use apostrophes with confidence! Commas need not suffer from overuse at your hand!  Wonder no more on the great mystery of colons versus their semi-colon cousins. Such enlightenment is all due to Lynn Truss.

Here is a book that instructs and entertains with panache. Is punctuation important? Consider the following: “Let’s eat, Grandma!” vs. “Let’s eat Grandma!” could lead to some happy, or rather grim events… depends on the syntax. So even in cases where punctuation doesn’t save lives, it does matter.


Bookaneer ink treasure book Underwood
Shhh! It’s story time!

“The Quiet Book” by Deborah Underwood

Here is pure story time delight. A book that all of us (even the parents)  will love to reread again and again.

Did you know that there are many kids of quiet? Deborah Underwood has me convinced. With an enchanting cast of bears, rabbits, owl and even an iguana, we explore those different quiet moments of a day. From top of the rollercoaster quiet, making a wish quiet, all the way to tucking in teddy quiet. Perfect for bedtime, or indeed any other time throughout the day. With this book, you are in for a splendid treat.

Reading Plans

The weekend is nearly here. If this bad weather continues my idea of a good time won’t extend much further beyond a pot of tea, my bunny slippers, and a good book. There is only one exception to this: book club. Our meeting is now days away, and come heck or high water there’s no chance I’m going to miss that!

We’ve been exploring the joys of book club a lot this month, but brace yourselves because I’ve got even more fun in store! Due to the questions and interest this topic has generated, why not keep the ball rolling?  I’m excited to announce, that from now on my fellow  Tea Hags (as we call ourselves) will be visiting the Bookaneer on a monthly basis.

Stay tuned. We just read a great book, and knowing us, things are about to get wild. Let the ink fly!


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