Family, Poetry

Hello Summer Vacation!

  Goodbye alarm clock, Hello sleeping in. Goodbye packed lunch, Hello ice cream on my chin.   Goodbye homework, Hello park. Goodbye math class, Hello stay up ’till dark.   Goodbye sweaters, Hello sun. Goodbye school… Hello fun!


The Best Part of Summer

  Giggling through The grass he goes, Savouring his Fresh bare toes. Sunshine has Replace the frost, Hence why both shoes Have been tossed.   As ever, a special thanks to my illustrator, Eva.


Toothy Tribulations

  Every single kid I know: Brie, Caleb, Leighlyn, Ruth… Each person in my class- All of them have lost a tooth!   No pillow treats, or dollars, dimes- I simply don’t fit in, For I’m the only kid who’s stuck Without my jack-o-lantern grin.


Summer Survival, Part One

Ahh, summer! The season to savour sand between your toes, slurp ice cream cones and play in the garden… if only I don’t go insane. Too often my summer days have been spent cleaning up messes and serving as the media police.  As a SAHM I’m always at work, and from July to September this is… Read More Summer Survival, Part One