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How do we inspire art? Now that we’ve established how to get art going at home (for the kids and yourself) where do you begin?

Coming up with ideas for this one is not an area where I shine. I can fetch paper and crayons, but not much more than that. I could not be more bewildered if you plopped me in the middle of a modern art gallery and demanded I explain every work there.

Happily, thanks to the creative genuis of others, I don’t need to come up with every idea on my own.  There are some truly wonderful books to inspire kids and their adults. Here are two of my favourites: one interactive  gem for kids, plus another to get that art  started.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Books to Inspire Your Inner Artist





“Mix It Up!” by Herve Tullet

Story time will never be the same again! I have yet to meet anyone who can resist this story. My only worry with this book is that it will be loved to shreds. Enthusiastic children do not cautious readers make.

Accepting an invitation from the talented Tullet leads you on a colourful adventure. With simple prompts readers help to splatter,  smoosh, and swirl to create the colour wheel. What if you were to put a dab of blue into that red? Want some orange? Press the pages together and see what happens! Page by page, fun will be had by all.

“The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life with Art and Creativity” by Jean Van’t Hul

If I could have only one book to inspire art for me and my kids, this would be the one! Any art book will have a plethora of projects-  Van’t Hul goes well beyond that.

From stocking up on supplies (plus recipes for making some of your own), how to encourage creativity, talk to your kids about their artwork, plus the best open-ended art projects I’ve seen- this book’s got you covered! Thanks to Van’t Hul you foster creativity with confidence.

To Summer, and Beyond!

These books are a terrific resource. Not only to help you implement the art component of my weekly summer survival plan, but throughout the entire year.

So go ahead, read, mix, and create to your heart’s content. With these books, you’ve got the inspire part down pat.








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