Craft Books for Kids: 2 Reads I Couldn’t Do Without

Craft books abound. Finding one full of kids’ projects is easy… the real challenge is finding one that’s good. Those diamonds among the dross.


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You know such gems craft book when you find them. They’re the ones that makes you pour over the pages, brimming with projects you can’t wait to try, and even inspires a few squeals of delight. The book that your kids brandish under your nose and exclaim “Mom! Can we make this?!”

Such treasures are their very own kind of addiction, or what I like to call domestic porn (albeit a much healthier, happier version though-plus one that the entire family can enjoy!). Earlier I shared why crafting  with kids matters, plus the all-important how. Now, as promised, here are two books that never fail to inspire our crafty efforts here in the Bookaneer household.

So, let’s get reading, and start a craft!

Books to Get Your Craft On

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“Martha Stewart’s Favorite Book of Crafts for Kids”

So fantastic, this is the only book of kids’ crafts I own! A constant resource in our creative endeavours, it has been the the start of lots of family fun.

Regardless of your child’s age and skill level, within these pages you’ll find inspiration galore! From the huggable (the Design Your Own Stuffed Animal is a firm favourite of ours), wearable (dragon mittens anyone?), edible (growing sugar crystals), giveable (like picture frames) plus a whole lot more there’s plenty to keep everyone happily crafting for years to come.

“Jillian Jiggs” by Phoebe Gilman

Not only is this story hilarious, but I could never read this book as a child without getting some new idea of how to beat the boredom blahs. Now my kids do the same thing.

Jillian Jiggs loves to dress-up and play, which creates a mess in her room. Every day. With a promise to her mother that she’ll clean, plus the help of her two best friends, the job should be easy. Obviously though, when Jillian gets a fabulous idea for a new game they can take a break, right? One game leads to another, and -as everyone knows- creativity is seldom tidy.

Summer Plans

I hope you enjoy these books as much as we have! Summer vacation is here at last and doing crafts together is one great way to keep the kids busy, and yourself sane.

What plans do you have for the summer? Any suggestions for a good book while away from home?

Now though, I’d better go. My children have been waiting so we can go camping. While things are packed, I still need something to read on this trip…

Until next week, happy reading to you all!




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