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Start of a new year? Let the confetti fly!

No, I have not gone crazy. I’m just super happy and excited. Fresh starts are dazzling, and have a tendency to make me giddy. Let’s face it: back to school is more of a fresh start- whether you’re a student or not- than New Year’s will ever be. Outside, the leaves will soon be trying to outdo the sunshine for golden splendour. Apples will start to blush. Sunscreen is being replaced by sweaters and woollen socks.

Summer might have been far too hot, but now homemade bread sounds amazing. The quizzical looks have turned envious whenever I play with wool and knit in public. Change is in the air my friends, and I love it!

How about some personal changes to match the seasonal ones? Just like kids starting school there might be some trepidation, but let’s be like those bold adventurers who trip down the halls, armed with backpack and new school clothes- ready for anything. Every time fall rolls around I get that same thrill I’ve had since kindergarten: this is going to be the best year yet!

Experience can be a hard, but effective teacher. It takes a lot more than a Hello Kitty binder or a pair of Doc Martens (yes, those were the cool item when I was in junior high. Laugh if you must). Sorry kids, but good things require work and often take a lot longer than you’d think.

Still possible? Absolutely! Wishing on a star ain’t enough, but with a little grunt work magic can still happen. Goals are the first step. Then you need a battle plan.

Hence, why I do my New Year’s resolutions in September… but first, I’ve got to know what I actually want.

Letting the Dreams Out to Play

You know the list? No,  not the mile-long behemoth you bravely tackle each day. For every head you strike off this monster, three more seem to grow in its place. Let’s tuck that ferocious beast into a box for a moment. You can do it… there! Now, let’s coax those little daydreams out to play.

That’s right, I’m talking about your secret list. The dreams you might not be ready to share yet, but can’t stop thinking about. All of those things you want to do, but never seem to have the time for.  Let’s air out all those wishes,  every incredible idea, and get reacquainted. Still not sure? For clarification, please consider the following (Disney totally got this one right):

From floating lanterns to ceramic unicorns, giving our dreams a voice helps us to actually pay attention to them. No time like the present because, “if not now, then when?”

If you’re anything like me, too often those precious schemes are sacrificed in the name of practicality. After all, someone needs to clean up that mess. Someone needs to drive the kids to soccer practice. Someone also needs to take care of dinner, and usually that someone is you. Don’t get me wrong: those things are important. I am a SAHM and homemaker, and proud of the work done in this home. I love my job (most days), but all work and no play is bad for any of us. Now that we’re gown and can have what we please, we should carve out time to do just that. At least, from time to time, right?

However, you can’t know where to start until you actually know what you want. Yes, life gets busy, but I believe that dreams are essential for our health. Speaking from personal experience, when I’m so frazzled that I can’t even imagine myself having dreams (we’ve all been there) I like to ask myself a few questions: what do I love? Who do I want to be? How can I be better? Where do I picture myself a year from now? What lack I yet?

Be the hero of the story that is your life, and make it a good one.


Start the Fun

start golas Bookaneer
All photos courtesy of Bumbershoot Photography.

Dreams might be the destination, but goals are your roadmap there. Once you’ve identified the dreams you’re in business!

Where do you want to go from here? Wouldn’t it be great to make this year, month,week,  or heck even day better than the last? Make a goal, see it through, then -my favourite part-reward yourself. Celebrate because, hey! Good job you! Pure possibilities, that’s what a new start is all about. It’s what we’re dealing with here people. There’s no time like the present, and it can be pretty heady stuff.

My goals are rather specific. Right now I want to lose three pounds a month for the next year. To pester publishers with my manuscripts, and find ways to serve others. What are your goals?

Go on, it’s the (unofficial)New Year. Start something fabulous.


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