Hygge: Turning Humdrum to Happy

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Hygge… the fine Danish art of bringing joy, coziness, and beauty to your life. More and more hygge (pronounced “hue-gue”) is becoming a passion of mine.

And why should it not? The days are turning colder. Darker. From when I wake up to the moment I collapse onto my pillow at night I seem to be in perpetual motion, hurling myself from one task to the next. Juggling work, family and everything else that goes along with it seems even more daunting than usual.

Sometimes, daily life feels like drudgery.  The good news is, that we can do something to counter things whenever that happens. My approach is twofold. First, there’s dreams  to help get me through the day. Hygge though… well, that is something special: my secret weapon that I like to pull out of my pocket and wield with mighty force each and every day. Especially on the bad ones. Like a good sweater when the weather’s bleak, hygge helps transforms those ordinary moments into something sublime. Warm and cozy, it sustains me as I dare to face whatever the day might hold.

All of us are busy and need ways to savour life- if only to reduce the risk of being carried off in a straightjacket. We can all incorporate a bit more joy into our daily lives, and this is a great way to do it. Want to make hygge yours? Don your sweater my friend, and read on.

Hygge Masters

hygge sweater weather Bookaneer

You’ve really got to hand it to the Danish. Despite grey weather and days where they barely see the sun (sound familiar, my fellow Canadians?) they refuse to let this get them down. In fact, Denmark often ranks number one in the World Happiness Report. Why? Hygge invariably makes the list. Luckily, the Danes are willing to share their own, unique secret weapon with the rest of us. After lego, it’s probably they’re biggest export.

So, what is hygge? Some would contend that you only know it when you experience it. That sense of contentment in a certain moment. Feeling  comfort either on your own, or with the people you love. A cup of tea with a good friend. Reading a great story with your child. Maybe a movie marathon in you pajamas. Something as simple as wearing my bunny slippers, all day if I can. My understanding is that hygge’s all about bringing more cozy into your life. Transforming the ordinary into something a bit more special, something beautiful. Because yes, even the humdrum can make us happy. We just need to figure out how. Like most things that really spark joy, hygge cannot simply be packaged and sold. Rather, it must be created. We need not look far to find it.

Hygge is not just one thing. Whatever makes you feel safe, happy or well in a simple moment is. That’s where its beauty lies.

Sweater Weather

hygge sweater Bookaneer
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By the end of summer (particularly on the hot days) I would sigh wistfully over my sweaters. Soon, yes soon I could wear  these beauties once more. Now that autumn is here, I have a hard time containing my glee in airing out my cardigans, pullovers and jumpers. It is sweater weather and I make the most of it!  Naturally, I prefer a handknit sweater, but for for me there’s nothing like wearing one to feel nice and cozy.To surround myself in a warm woolly hug…for me, that is hygge.

What about yourself? How do you create a hygge moment, especially on those crazy days?

Up next, two books to help you hygge it up. Now is the season of crisp air. Of migrating geese, yellow leaves and woollen sweaters. Cozy season is here at last. Get your hygge on and let’s revel in it!

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