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Hygge Guides: Cozy Books For Reading Delight

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Hygge… let’s bask in it a bit more regularly, shall we? Being present in the moment and savouring things adds to your happiness, and who couldn’t use a bit more of that?

Ways to create hygge are as plentiful as an oak’s acorns. Mine include art projects with my kids, hand sewing, and of course, book club.  Ultmately though, for me a good book does the job like nothing else. Far from the hustle and bustle of life, blissfully lost within the pages; it’s my favourite to create a bit of joy and a dash of cozy to my day.

Unsure of what hygge is? Check my last post for details.

So, let’s brew some tea. Grab a comfy blanket. Got your bunny slippers? Excellent. When it comes to pure hygge, look no further than the following titles.

Cozy Reads

Hygge Wiking book reading Bookaneer

“The Little Book of Hygge: the Danish Art to Living Well” by Meik Wiking

When enamoured with a new idea, I tend to read obsessively about it. Any books I can get my hands on. Although there are now many books about hygge, they pale in comparison to Wiking’s offering about the subject.

What is hygge? Why does it matter? How do you incorporate it into your daily life? Wiking gently guides readers to become hygge experts. Examples from his fellow countrymen and how-to strategies (like an emergency hygge kit!) abound. Added to all this are beautiful pictures. Mix them all together and you have this: a book that you can’t wait to curl up with.


Amos McGee Steed cozy hygge book Bookaneer
Photos courtesy of Bumbershoot Photography.

“A Sick Day fro Amos McGee” by Philip & Erin Stead

Each time I reread this book (which is often) I cannot help but smile. This cozy story makes you want to snuggle up and ignore the world. The only thing that could make book better is if you have a small person to cuddle onto your lap while you read it.

Zookeeper Amos McGee- beloved friend of the elephant, tortoise, penguin, rhinoceros and owl- is far too sick to go to work today. Instead his friends come over to nurse him back to health. What could be better then a quiet games of chess, or hide-and-seek? How about a nap and some good books? Enchanting text and illustrations combine to tell of the best sick day anyone could ever hope to have. Hygge at its best.

Hygge Delights

Now it is time to step away from my computer.  The tea is almost gone so it must be time to brew another pot. Also, I should probably go find where Bruce has gotten to. The little scamp has been quiet for far too lang, and that tends to make his momma just a tad nervous. Maybe I can coax him out with the promise of story time. That usually works.

After all, what could be more hygge than sharing books together?

Happy reading everybody!


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