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Top Hits: Best of the Tea Hag Book Club

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Top hits… they hold such an allure, don’t you think? Pick of the litter. The best of the best. The creme de la creme.  Whenever I hear those words my interest is sure to be piqued. However, when it comes to books and I hear those magical words, I tend to charge in head first! What can I say? Top hits are my cup of tea.

The Tea Hags book club is of long standing, it sprang into existence long before I became a member nearly five years ago. Each month I feel my good luck that my dear friend Charlotte let me tag along for what became my first meeting. Over the years things have changed: babies have been born and grown, people have moved, there was also one flood,  and then there’s our epic Christmas party. The one constant is the books. Books we end up discussing for hours, that we never forget and laugh over months, even years afterward. Our top hits.

What makes a book, any book for that matter, worthy of the Tea Hag top hits? My criteria is simple:

  1. Something we discuss passionately and long into the night
  2. Something that we keep coming back to, if only to reminisce over.

Here then are two (plus one extra) of our top hits. May they bring you as much reading delight as they have for all of us!

Two Top Hits

Player One Cline top hit Bookaneer

“Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline

Another dystopian novel? I know… I was skeptical too. Truth be told I wasn’t even in book club when they read this one, but a novel that my friends kept bringing up? Sounded like a top hit to me.  Cline has written something amazing. Here- in this case at least- is one of those books where yes, the hype is justified.

With reality too terrible to contemplate, most of society is only too  happy  to escape it. With a virtual utopia-known as the the OASIS- at your fingertips, why face the crushing poverty and despair surrounding you? Yet tucked within this digital playground is the ultimate prize: an Easter egg leading to the game creator’s vast fortune. First to crack the code wins the lot, but after years most have dismissed the entire hunt as a hoax. Enter Wade  Watts. Having spent most of his teen life studying any and all leads he stumbles upon the first clue. Now the race is own, and things are about to turn deadly. If he hopes to survive Wade will need to finally face the real world which he’s avoided for so long.

Wonder Palacio top hit Bookaneer

“Wonder” by R. J. Palacio

A book that made us laugh and cry; that is prime top hits material my friends! Skillfully woven by Palacio, we have a story that has inspired something called the Choose Kind Movement.

There are few things more daunting than being the new kid at school. Add a severe facial deformity and it puts any ordinary kid into extraordinary circumstances. Auggie Pullman might feel like an normal kid, but can everyone else get accept how he looks? Told from varying points of view; Auggie, his sister, his classmates, and more- together tell a rousing tale of courage and compassion. The community, and readers alike, will never be the same again.

Because I Can’t Help Myself…

Brown top hit Bookaneer
Photos courtesy of Bumbershoot Photography.

“Red Rising” by Pierce Brown

Here’s one more! Ok. Technically, since I’ve mentioned this one before,  this is cheating. All I can say is, if not for book club I never would have discovered this one. Ask any Tea Hag, Brown’s debut novel is forefront of our top hits list!

Onward, Onward I Say!

One great thing about reading is that you never know what’s going to happen next. There you are, going through your everyday life when… BAM! A book comes along, whisking you away. Good books can transform you. Life is made richer. More joyous. Who’s with me? That my friends, is ultimately why I read.

If you were to write up your own list of reading top hits which books would you include? Any surprises in there? Comment and share the fun.

So onward fellow readers! Keeping exploring, continue getting lost in those pages. That next great book might be just around the corner, which is the beauty of the entire thing, really. You never know when you’ll find another book for your own top hits.

Happy reading everyone!


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