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Author Extraordinaire: Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie author extraordinaire Bookaneer

Welcome to Author Extraordinaire here on the Bookaneer! Every month or so I’ll be highlighting one great author, a writer who (in my not-so humble opinion) is truly phenomenal.

What are the qualifications you might ask? Simply put, I’ll be sharing any author who makes me want to read everything they’ve ever written. Writers so talented that I will-despite my usual policy of never buying a book I haven’t yet read- purchase some unknown work of theirs without hesitation.

Like my earlier series on domestic porn (never fear, nothing dubious about it), now it is time to play with the wonderful authors who create the dazzling treasures I can’t wait to recommend.

Agatha Christie was simply an obvious choice. Dame Agatha Christie is still the best-selling author of all time. Lovingly dubbed “the Queen of Crime” her career spent writing mystery novels spanned decades- thus we, her lucky fans, have a wealth of her books to revel in. Some writers make a a big splash in their own lifetime (Christie certainly did), but for her writing to continue to delight readers and gain fans through each generation? Now that is a truly extraordinary author worth raving about.

So Much to Love

Unfamiliar with her work? Check out these titles and get acquainted. Now for the brass tacks. Why do I love Christie’s books? Let me count the ways…

1. Compelling Characters

Characters make or break a story. Christie’s- from her heroes and heroines down to the most minor member of the supporting cast- seem to rise off the page, living on in your imagination long after you’ve finished the book. They are people you love, hate and everything in between. No two-dimensional cardboard cutouts simply serving as a plot device, or as living scenery here!

2. Plotatstic

Brace yourself for compelling tales with twists and turns that  keep you reading chapter after chapter far into the night. You will guess, then second guess until the final denouement! An author who can surprise her readers is a treasure- Christie is a master of the art.

3. Humour Me

Murder may be afoot, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun while we’re solving this whodunnit! From character quips to recurring jokes that appear in different novels (like the writer Ariadne Oliver who is based on a certain famous author), who knew felony could be so fun?

4. Set the Stage

Be it a cozy or an exotic setting, here is an author who beautifully captures the location without it upstaging the real action. Murder can happen on a train, a Nile cruise, or even in a tranquil English village where nothing seems to happen. Either way, Christie is your guide to each corner of the world where the story transpires.

5. Feel It

Despite her wild success as an writer, Christie experienced both the ups and downs of life. Joy, sorrow, rage… it’s all there in her stories. Yes there is bad stuff- for example murder- but she doesn’t scrimp on any of it. There’s the highs and the lows, the tears and and laughter; because  ultimately, life is comprised of both.

Author! Author!

Agatha Christie denouement Bookaneer

So there you have it: one Author Extraordinaire. Check out her books. Time has passed since they were first penned and published, but these stories never grow old.  They’re well worth investigating.

Who else should be included in the this series? Which authors would you nominate as a candidate? Comment below and you might just find them here at a later date.

Stay tuned for more reading, bookish fun. Until next time my friends…

Never stop reading.




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