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Goals with Gusto: My String of Inspiration

Goal Stick Bookaneer

Goals are highly fashionable this time of year. Yes, I like to start my own a bit earlier than most, but from now until the end of January, goals are all the rage. The tricky part is hanging onto them (let alone remembering what they actually are) as the year continues on its merry way.

Each and every December there I’ll be, happily scribbling out my plans for self-improvement. I am going to make this new year the best one yet! I shall conquer my fears! Climb new mountains and reach dazzling new heights!

Sound familiar anyone?

This Christmas season was no exception. I was at it again (feeling quite virtuous really) writing out some very worthy goals when it happened. With a force similar to an angry toddler smacking his fists in a tantrum on the floor, a realization struck me: could I even recall a single goal from last year? These new ones sounded marvellous, but what about their predecessors? I know that I set some… what were they again? Had I even accomplished any of them?

I don’t know about you, but all too often my good intentions for the new and improved me somehow fade with each month. With no constant reminder about my goals, all of them had flown right out of my head. Now I just had the indisputable proof.

Not an easy fact to face, let me tell you. Yet I’m proud to admit that I handled it like any sensible, responsible, and mature adult would… I avoided the problem entirely. Pretended it didn’t exist. I finished writing out my new batch of goals in my journal, closed the book and that was that-or so I thought. A week later after a long walk, and one simple stick (which my son Bruce insisted I absolutely had to carry home) I stumbled upon the perfect solution.

Inspiration String (Or Goal Stick)

Inspiration String Bookaneer

Carrying that stick all that way made me think. Would Bruce actually want it afterwards? Experience had taught me not. Yet the desire to at least attempt being a good mother kept me from hurling the darn thing into the nearest bush-just in case he did notice its disappearance. Pondering what possible use I could make of a stick is when inspiration hit. Not only with a possible solution to my stick dilemma, but to my larger problem of goal follow through as well.

My friends, may I present the Inspiration String! (Or Goal Sick, whatever you want to call it). Simply put, it’s a pretty reminder of my goals that I can hang on the wall, and not mind looking as the days, weeks and months roll by. Here’s how.

Alas, the brilliant idea is not my own. That glory goes to the talented Emily Quinton, and to my favourite magazine where I first came upon this idea, ages before that winter walk. No matter, the fact that I actually get to craft something to help me remember my goals for this year is simply the caramel on the apple. Let’s get started then.

First, assemble the tools so you can unleash your talent. You will need the following:

  1. A stick (bonus if it’s pretty!)
  2. Baker’s twine
  3. Ribbon
  4. Images (to represent the goals you’ve set of course)

Tie your goal visuals to the baker’s twine (I couldn’t resist and used some little clothes pins to do that. I’m a sucker for almost anything in miniature).

Attach them all to your stick.

Tie the ribbon onto the entire thing, then hang on the wall.

Bask in your cleverness and the beauty of your Inspiration String. That’s it. A simple, pretty, and easy to do project. This is crafting at its best my friends. Bonus, we’re helping ourselves along the adventure of self-improvement. Talk about a win-win situation!

Look out Goals, Here We Come!

Goal Stick Bookaneer
Photos courtesy of Bumbershoot Photography.

Given the visuals I chose, what are my goals you might ask? Each year I like to set goals with using the scripture from Luke 2:52. If my Saviour improved mentally, physically, spiritually and socially that seems like a good way to go about it myself. Hence, my goals are as follows.

Mentally: The fabric and needle. Sewing my own clothes requires smarts I do not naturally have. Luckily, I can learn, so this year I want to sew myself three new articles of clothing.

Physically: Those surfboard stickers? Later this year I’m going on a tropical holiday. I want to enjoy the beach instead of feeling self-concious while there so I’m working on losing some weight.

Spiritually: A picture of my grandparents. When you’re LDS- also known as Mormon- family history is important. Time to go beyond talking the talk, now I plan to walk this walk! My goal is to learn find and prepare 24 names to take to the temple.

Socially: A card mailed to me by my niece. There’s something so special about snail mail, plus its a meaningful way to keep in touch. Thus my Sunday afternoons this year will be set aside for writing letters to my dear ones scattered around the globe.

What are your goals? As the novelty of 2018 becomes blase, we can not only all accomplish what we set out to do in the beginning, but do so with gusto. Until next time, go forth and make the impossible your reality my friends!


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