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Marshmallow Pancakes: A Yummy Poem

Marshmallow pancake illustration

Marshmallow… yet another one of those scrumdiddlyumptious words.

Kids, adults, we’re all guilty of loving these delicious little sweet balls of fluff. Me and my family are no exception. Especially my son Seth. As a toddler every night we’d have the same conversation. It went something like this:

Seth: “Mum! Know what I want for breakfast tomorrow?”

Me: “No lovey, what?”

Seth: “Marshmallow pancakes!”

At first Mr. Tilney and I just laughed it off. Wasn’t our son adorable? Yet as an entire year past with the same nightly request we realized how much he’d set his little heart upon this treat. That’s when we began wracking our brains as to how we’d make that happen. Along with a whole new culinary experiment ( I mean, I love baking, but this was uncharted territory for me), his antics also inspired a poem.

So Seth? This one’s for you.

Marshmallow Pancakes


Marshmallow pancakes!

For breakfast tomorrow?

But when I wake up

I find toast, to my sorrow.

Scrambled eggs, hash browns,

Or muffins are fine-

But it’s marshmallow pancakes

On which I would dine!

If you would combine

My two favourite foods,

You know we’d have far less

Breakfast-time feuds.

Forget about syrup

And all of that stuff-

Just pile on top of ‘em

Sweet gooey fluff!

So marshmallow pancakes-

I made them myself,

(Please kindly ignore all that

Mess on the shelf.)

I cooked a great stack of them,

And if you’re polite,

Maybe I’ll give you

Just one little bite.

Rhyme Time

Marshmallow Pancake poem Bookaneer Eva
Illustrations by Eva.

Funny what can give you an idea; your kids, a daydream for an exotic pet (which has on of my favourite poem illustrations too!)… and yes, even a simple marshmallow.

Stay tuned my friends. Coming up next week we’re looking at my ultimate weapon for cosy delight during winter. You won’t want to miss it!

Until then, never stop reading.


2 thoughts on “Marshmallow Pancakes: A Yummy Poem

  1. I’ve done chocolate chips and diced mini marshmallows in the batter for pancakes and waffles before, with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. S’mores pancakes we called them.

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