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Crockpot Comforts: Slow, Steady & Scrumptious

Crockpot Bookaneer

Crockpot… slow cooker… call it what you will, but this trusty appliance is the hero of home cooking! This is hygge delight at its best my friends-it just took me far too long to realize that.

Cozy, yet simple. Happiness in the everyday. That is what hygge is about, and a crockpot is all that and more. The Danish approach to happy living has become a recurring theme on this blog, but in the dead of winter we can all use an extra dose of comfort and cheer. This wonderous device can dish it up like no other; ergo,  it is the hygge star for January!

Now granted, you can use a crockpot year round. Winter is simply when I’m most enthralled with mine. Life is still busy… it’s just also bitterly cold outside. When the thought of leaving my warm bed in the morning makes me want to cry, that is the time to plug in the crockpot. Simply throw in some ingredients, turn it on and voila! It simmers me something scrumptious for supper. The hours pass, I hurtle from one task to another, yet now the day has been transformed from bleak into bliss. Our evening meal has already been taken care of, and I get to spend the whole day savouring in its delicious smell. Kids, with rosy cheeks and soggy mittens, come in from their long cold walk home from school and smiles spread across their faces as they cry “Smells good Mom!”

Yes, the days are still dark, we might despair of it ever being warm again, and some grim days I wish that I could just hibernate until spring… but cooking in the crockpot makes everything seem so much better.

Crockpot Conversion

Slow Cooker Bookaneer

Mr Tilney and I received no less than five crockpots as wedding presents. Five. I don’t know why… maybe they were on sale or something. All I knew was that one was bewildering enough!

Being poor students with limited space in out tiny apartment we kept one- I just simply had no idea what it was for, let alone how to use it. Wasn’t this device the friend of old ladies? I was determined never to be lumped into that category! Months went by and that crockpot languished- forgotten- tucked away in the darkest, most unreachable corner of a cupboard.

Happily for me, I had friends wiser and much more savvy than myself. Many of our married student friends (in similar financially strained situations) were putting that wedding gift crockpot to better use. It was my good luck that they not only shared the bounty they were cooking up, but helped me along too. They patiently answered my ignorant questions and shared recipes. They also pointed me towards some excellent cookbooks.

My first attempt (it was a beef stew) was all it took: I was converted to this culinary wonder.

Back then I thought that we were so, so terribly busy. To be fair, there was plenty to support that belief. Between going to class, juggling homework, doing our early morning paper route (for some much needed supplementary income), getting used to each other as a married couple, plus expecting our first first child you can understand why. Using that appliance gave me time to go and do everything else.

My crockpot simplified things, and has continued to do so ever since.

Something Scrumptious

Life never really slows down, it only becomes busier in different ways. Since our university days we have gone on to grapple with even more. Along with raising our rambunctious family of boys there’s serving in our church and community, careers, ten moves and even an evacuation due to wildfires.

Through it all, our crockpot has been there, chugging along.

Best of all, the crockpot frees me up a bit more for the things that make life worth living. Story time is easier to enjoy when you know supper’s already taken care of.  Read a good book.  Or maybe even two. Spend time with the people who matter most. Start a new hobby, or craft up something fabulous. Ever knit a baby blanket to the comforting smells of pot roast? Heaven.

Have you already been converted to the crockpot? What recipes make your family smile? Stay tuned for more yummy fun. Coming up next: my top crockpot cookbook, plus one delectable read.

So go ahead: toss things together, and let the crockpot do the rest. Continue on with your day. Bask in the smells. Do something that sparks joy. Revel in the hygge steeping throughout your entire home. Slowly but surely you will have something scrumptious to feast on.

Supper is already taken care of, so enjoy!


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  1. I love the crock pot for all sorts of things….even breakfast! Its great! I do have to say it is my favorite small appliance.

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