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Simply Scrumptious: 2 Titles to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Scrumptious reads Bookaneer Kate

Scrumptious is such a fun word, don’t you think? It’s even fun to say, dancing along your tongue and teasing you of all things rich and delectable. Say it with me… “Scrumptious!”

We can all use a bit more scrumptious in our lives. Winter we need it even more so. When days are bleak and cold  we need something extra to nourish and sustain us. I’m not just talking about food either (although that certainly helps). Mind you, there’s eating simply to sustain life, and then there’s the kind that enhances it. Kind of like when we go through the motions of our day like a joyless automaton. No season are we in more peril of this than when our hours of sunlight are diminished. When the drudgery of the everyday weighs us down and chills our very souls.

What then, you might ask, is the remedy for such seasonal blues? My answer is simple: a heaping dose of something special to eat, plus a great book. Using my crockpot is preferable, thus leaving me free to curl up under a blanket-bunny slippers firmly on my feet- reading to my heart’s content.

Here then are two books to get you started. Apply generously and call me in the morning.

Scrumptious Books

Scrumptious Books Bookaneer

“Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker” by Editors of Martha Stewart Living

Once upon a time my crockpot was solely used for soups, plus maybe the occasional stew. Now (thanks to this guide) I’ve gone far beyond that and the results are truly scrumptious.

Say what you will about Martha Stewart and her empire, but they do create some simply splendid cookbooks! From breakfast to dessert- plus everything in between-  this collection of 110 recipes is a treasure trove. Discover some unexpected gems, and cook things in your kitchen appliance you never imagined possible: there’s salt-baked fish, duck carnitas, creme brulee… plus lots more. Tuck in and enjoy!

“Relish: My Life in the Kitchen” by Lucy Knisley

While supper is simmering away in your slow cooker, why not curl up with this good book? A foodie graphic novel, Knisley takes readers through her childhood; mostly as remembered through the foods she ate, plus tasty recipes all along the way. When your parents are either a chef or gourmet, there are some truly scrumptious memories to be had.

Chronicling her teenage rebellion of eating fast food at chain restaurants, or her heroic attempts to bake croissants- no matter the adventure this book is delicious all the way through.  After all, it’s not only food but life itself which is meant to be tucked into with relish.

Bon Apetit!

Bookaneer Kate reading

Life is meant to be scrumptious.

Happy reading to you all!


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