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Party Pooper: Free the Festivities One Rhyme at a Time

Party Pooper poem Bookaneer

“Every party need a pooper.” That’s what my Mum used to say whenever one of us misbehaved at a festive event. It’s only as I’ve grown-up myself (well, more or less) that I understand what she meant. I just never expected it to inspire me in a poetic sort of way.

Nothing throws parents into paroxysms of stress like throwing a birthday party for their children:  there’s the invitations, the cake, decorating, how to entertain the guests, plus (not to mention) hordes of excited kids jacked up on sugar tearing through your home. Add to all of this one sulky child and you have a sure recipe for exhaustion.

Because no matter how much you prepare there’s always going to be one child who gets upset. The cause is irrelevant- someone will end up in tears or sulking before the party’s over.  Maybe their balloon popped, maybe they didn’t get as much candy from the pinata. Perhaps they’re the first one out in musical chairs, or their slice of cake doesn’t have one of the frosting roses.

Worst of all, maybe you have an envious sibling. They can be the biggest party poppers of all.

Party Pooper

Party Pooper teaser Bookaneer
Illustrations by Eva.


Candles placed

Upon the cake

(Took three hours

Just to make).

Gifts! Balloons


Quite the big and

Grand affair!

Please… contain

All this glee-

‘Cuz the birthday boy

Is him-not me.

Fun Times

The good thing about this sort of shenanigans is that you never know when it might inspire you. Good ideas are born out of adversity, even from that one sulky kid at the birthday party.

What’s the worst party fiasco you’ve ever had to wrangle with? How did you manage it?

Up next: the worst books I read in 2017. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it.

Never stop reading my friends!


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