Winter Hygge: Frozen Felicity

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Hygge happiness… as winter drags on both might feel like they’re in short supply. Days are bleak, cold and dark. Spring seems nothing more than a fool’s dream.

About this time of year we could all use a good dose of hygge to keep our happiness levels from dropping dangerously low. Previously I’ve shared a few things that bring a smile to my face, yet the quest for happiness is subjective, isn’t it? Happily, here are a few surefire ways to dose yourself up

Hygge Like a Dane

hygge tips Bookaneer1. Dress for Success

Bring out those comfy clothes.

You know the ones I mean. The clothes that you never wear in public, but feel like a comforting hug each time you slip them on. Like that big woolly sweater that’s unraveling at the ends, or the soft flannel pajama bottoms with the hole in the knees.

Comfort is key here, so to heck with fashion! Things feel better when you’re wearing something that makes you happy.

hygge happiness tips Bookaneer2. Do What You Love

Forget what you should do, or even what you should like. Now is the time to embrace what really sparks joy for you and revel in it!

Yes, yes I know that you’re busy. Aren’t we all? Life quickly feels like drudgery though if we do not carve out some time, to do what we love. Like sprinkles on a cupcake, add a dash of happiness  to your ordinary, drab days. For me it might be reading a good book, or hand sewing a unicorn. Even five minutes is better than nothing. See? Simple pleasures… lots of joy.

hygge happiness tips Bookaneer3. Savour the Scrumptious

Food matters. Sure, it sustains life, but the good stuff also enhances it.

The emphasis here is quality over quantity. Tantalize those tastebuds! Feast on something truly special. For me it is a square of decadent chocolate, or maybe a bowl of Thai curry (my ultimate comfort food).

In conclusion, unless something is delectable, what’s the point of eating it in the first place?


4. Find Your Peoplehygge happiness tips Bookaneer

Winnie the Pooh was right: things really are “friendlier with two”. Happiness is being with the people you love and  who matter most.

Do something together: cook something special, simply catch up, just sit on the couch and both read your own book, play board games (a personal favourite)… whatever. Because ultimately,  it doesn’t really matter what you do. When you’re with your people, those special “kindred spirits”, anything you do will be fun.

hygge happiness tips Bookaneer

5. Keep It Simple Silly

Ah, the K.I.S.S principle! Mr. Tilney reminds me of this one on a weekly basis. The simpler things are, the more hygge they’ll be.

Fuss and bother do not happiness make. What they do generate is me whirling around like a dervish, frazzled, irritated, and snapping at any who cross my path. Now granted, extra effort is nice. However, if it comes between a perfect Pinterest moment or your sanity, choose the later.


Frozen Felicity

hopsalot tiny owl knits slippers

Winter is still here, ergo we all need a bigger dose of happiness than usual. Instead of shivering, frozen in the cold, why not hibernate- just a little?Snuggle down (don your bunny slippers if you’ve got ’em!) and hygge to your hearts’ content. Happiness awaits.

Other than reading, what’s your favourite way to hygge it up? Personally, tonight I’m going to grab my yarn and knit myself something toasty.

In further news, we’ve got some changes appearing on the blog. Coming up soon: a new flair which leaves me both thrilled and terrified. Stay tuned for more details.

Until next time, stay warm and may hygge happiness be yours!


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  1. I am trying to have some embroidery project on the go to keep my hands occupied while I get comfy on the couch and watch NCIS in the evenings after SJ has gone to bed. It helps make the nights not feel so lonely.

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