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Priorities: Rhyme Time with the Bookaneer


For kids at a meal?

Be prepared for tantrums-

Or to strike a deal.


Priorities: My Latest Poem

Priotities Bookaneer poem

I have no room for broccoli,

I have no room for peas,

But I do have room for chocolate cake-

May I have some please?


How could I eat my salad up?

How could I eat some more?

When I must save room for key lime pie-

It’s pie that I adore!


You know I hate my vegetables,

You know that they’re the worst,

So why not skip those vegetables

And let’s eat dessert first!


*(As ever, special thanks to my illustrator, the awesome Eva Jensen).

Bon Appetit!

So let’s all eat some chocolate

( And- adult priorities- veggies too),

Stay tuned! More fun’s in store

On this, my Bookaneer crew.


Worth more than

A second glance-

This week we’re looking

At  romance.


There’s treasure about,

So go take a look.

Until next time…

Go hunt in a book!


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