Romance Reads: Haiku Book Review

Romantic reads Bookaneer

Romance here we come!

Five ways to express your love,

Plus one great novel.


Let’s read something that

Will set our hearts aflutter.

These books do the trick!


 Revelry in Romance

Romance Bookaneer Chapman

“The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” by Gary Chapman

Learn just what they are,

So give and receive some love-

Plus why it matters.


Five love languages:

Words, touch, gifts, time, service…

Let’s just stay in love

Romance reads Booknaeer Fixsen

“Courting Scandal” by Jaima Fixsen

Countess turned actress,

Incognito, bumps into

Best hero ever.


Regency romance-

With loveable characters-

At it’s very best.


Head in the Clouds

So be it self love,

Or for that “special someone”,

Let’s go romantic!


Floating on air,

Why would we want to come down?

Happy Valentine’s!

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