Spring Already? A Bookaneer Poem

Spring is a hunger

(Right now I’m starved for it)

So to tide us all over,

A new poem I’ve writ.

Spring Already? Time Flies When You Hibernate

Spring Already? Bookaneer poem
(Special thanks to my illustrator, Eva.)

I do not care

Spring’s here at last,

You go on out

And have a blast.

Bask in sunshine

Squelch through mud,

Dance with tulips,

Delight in each bud!

Shed your coats and

Chase the rain

Thrill to birdsong

Once again.

Splash through puddles,

Revel in green,

Drink in the scent

Of the world washed clean.


Yet here, snug in my cave

Heady Spring I’ll ignore-

I just want to sleep

A few weeks more.

Until Next Time…

Spring close up Bookaneer

So snuggle up reader,

We can make it! You’ll see

Let’s weather winter and

Keep sanity.

What’s your trick for that?

Mine’s coming up next-

So until then, read books,

Give your brain a good flex!


6 thoughts on “Spring Already? A Bookaneer Poem

  1. Excellent!! My grandfather told me the hardest times (way back when) were not winter but spring. His mother (I believe she would be 110 if still alive) had a certain area where she kept the spring food away from the winter food to make sure she could still feed her 6 kids come spring. I am so glad you brought up this subject because it is very much true!! If growing, hunting, fishing ect and storing.. Be sure to account for the whole year, not just winter. my customer essay

    1. I’d never actually considered the fact until recently.What a daunting prospect it must have been, especially after a long winter too!

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