Knitting My Way To Sanity: Winter Survival

Knitting sanity Bookaneer


Simply playing with sticks and yarn,

I’m creating magic.

Cozy, fluffy and so warm-

My winter feels less tragic.

Cheaper Than Therapy

Knitting Bookaneer

On days so cold you want to weep

(Even with the proper gear)

And hibernation sounds quite smart

Us knitters never fear.


Armed with needles, pattern, yarn

We’re knitting up a storm-

And while other nose or toes  might freeze,

Ours stay snug and warm.


Less taxing than yoga,

More hygge than tea,

My best winter blues

Home remedy!


Cheaper than therapy,

This simple craft rocks

Because at the end you’ve made something:

Like socks!


Knitting, One Stitch at a Time

yarn knitting Bookaneer


When days feel frightful

(And you wish you’re in bed),

Why not pick up some yarn

And try knitting instead?


One stitch at a time,

Doing row after row,

It makes the world warmer-

Despite all the snow.


Keep those toes toasty,

-We’ve come to the end-

Until we met next time,

Happy reading my friend!



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