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Knit Me a Tale: Haiku Book Review

yarn knitting Bookaneer

Knit up a good tale,

If it’s worth telling, it’s got

Sunshine and shadow.


Here are two great books,

Worth your consideration

For pure reading bliss.


Knit Lit

Knit book Macomber

“The Shop on Blossom Street” by Debbie MacComber

A knitter or not,

Visit this yarn shop and your

Next cozy read? Found.


Four different women,

Their lives knit together as

As things gets tangled.

yarn book Barnett

“Extra Yarn” by Mac Barnett

One determined girl,

Knitting up a storm with her

Box of magic yarn.


Enter the villain:

Is Annabelle’s enchantment

Doomed to unravel?

Loose Ends

Knitting sanity Bookaneer

Has spring arrived yet?

Indulge in some green dreams at

Winter’s bitter end.


We can make it through

Good book (and some yarn) in hand.

Keep on reading friends!


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