Cat Poem: His Evil Fluffiness

Cat: cute or evil

A feline ain’t dumb-

And with one in the house

Life’s never humdrum.

Cat poem Bookaneer
“The Whiskered Feline” by Eva.

His Evil Fluffiness

With your tail in the air

And a bat of eyelashes,

Your whiskers are curled

Like a villain’s mustaches.

Bursting with pride

You leap up on the shelf-

Licking your paws and

Quite pleased with yourself.

The gleam in your eyes

As you sit and you stare

Says “I’m sure that they’llĀ love

My surprise on the stair!”

The Cat’s Pajamas

For thisĀ month, something new:

The artist’s picture comes first!

Then I write something here

To match it in verse.


Any thoughts for another?

An idea for a rhyme?

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1 thought on “Cat Poem: His Evil Fluffiness

  1. This poem is the cat’s pajamas (you’re probably too young to have ever heard that expression), as are all your poems. It was such a pleasure to meet you at the Rhyme & Reason Writers’ Club and I hope you come back!

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