Spring Fever: Feeling Better When the Weather Won’t Cooperate

Spring fever Bookaneer


Spring fever has struck with remarkable force!

Hardly surprising given the long winter we’ve endured, yet

My symptoms are unmistakeable:

Like an aversion to wearing anything warm,

And the illogical refusal to admit that yes,

I might still need to wear my parka.


Other warning signs include the following:

Tantrums at the slightest hint of snow,

Sighing over seed catalogues,

Encouraging my children to play with me

In any mud or puddles we might find, and

Repeated, loud, grumbling over how cold things still are.


Spring fever cure

Weathering the Storm

A cure is simple-well, at least theoretically.

All that is required is for spring to arrive. Arrive, and actually stay.

For winter’s banishment (not just a calendar declaring it be so)

Leaving me giddy, delirious with joy as I

Shed my socks, play in the garden, take my bike for a spin…

Yet there’s nothing absolutely nothing I can do to hurry things along.


What then can be done to alleviate my symptoms?

If only to keep from driving myself (plus anyone else

Who happens to stray within my immediate vicinity)

Completely and utterly insane before the first crocus?

What is needed, dear reader is more joy. When spring fever hits

Comfort and cheer come in abundance with these remedies.


1. Dose up on greenery. Buds might still be a long ways away but

Nurse a houseplant, wander through a greenhouse,  or read gardening books.

Winter’s palette is too austere, so I’d suggest 2. Revelling in a Rainbow:

Eat it, wear it, and splashing hues across the colour spectrum does wonders.

3. Spin yourself some sunshine, any way you can. Does it spark joy? Embrace it!

Friends, a new craft, rereading an old favourite… whatever makes you smile.

Hope Springs Eternal

Spring is a time of hope: buds poking up in the garden, pussy willows,

Wearing my sneakers instead of boots, the empty garden tomb… I love it all.

The trick is holding on (mentally, and emotionally) until things actually happen

So I can revel spring- really the most miraculous season that there is.

How do you dose up on joy?  Choosing to smile instead of snarl can be  downright heroic.

Keep that spring fever at bay my friends, and until next time-


Happy Reading to you all!




1 thought on “Spring Fever: Feeling Better When the Weather Won’t Cooperate

  1. It is definitely getting hard this year to beat the winter blues.

    I think that’s why I took up embroidery. Something to keep me busy, gives me joy in seeing my improvements and adds colour.

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