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Spring Cure: Books to Tide You Through the Last Days of Winter

Spring fever books
(Goofy I know… but spring fever makes me do silly things.)

Books tide me over,

Waiting so impatiently,

As winter lingers.


So let’s dream of green,

(Gardening books tight in hand)

And weather the storm.


Read Two Spring Books (and Call Me in the Morning)

Spring Bookaneer Hole

“Bedding Plant Favorites” by Lois Hole

Get summer long thrills

With this guru’s aid. Plus it’s

Cheaper than takeout


“African Daisy”

All the way to “Zinnia”:

How to grow them all.

Ehlert Spring book

“Planting a Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert

This book inspires

Both kids and their adults to

Go play in the dirt.


How to plant and grow,

(Told through colourful collage)

Your own home rainbow.

Hope for spring Bookaneer
Photos courtesy of Bumbershoot Photography.

Coming Attractions

Reading a good book-

Especially ones with plants-

Helps cure spring fever.


Exploring what makes

A great book is next: ’til then

Never stop reading!





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