First Rainbow of Spring: A Poem with Feathers


Rainbow: it delights me-

Just can’t do it justice with words-

Yet of all springtime heralds,

This poem’s for the birds!

First Rainbow of Spring
Illustration by Eva.


Alight on bare branches

Wherever they choose,

They’re a flurry of feathers

In a spectrum of hues.

A bright, vibrant contrast to

Winter’s austerity-

They’re twittering madly

In my naked tree.

I’m still waiting for showers

(Spring’s arrival is slow)

Yet fluttering before me’s

A living rainbow.


Colourful Contrast


Coming up next,

Our own pot of gold:

What makes a great book?

In my new series, all will be told.

We’ll examine each feature

(Though now we’re at rainbow’s end)

Exploring new treasure-

Happy reading my friend!


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