Diver Dreams: A Bookaneer Poem

“Diver Dreams”, another poem before us

Where the picture, that came first!

A brand new writing exercise

With yet another verse.


Playing with a childhood dream

That never came to be-

But I have become a writer

And that makes me happy!


Illustration by Eva.


Diver Dreams

Someday, if I must grow up

I know just what I’ll do:

I’ll be a deep sea diver

And explore the ocean blue!


Cruise currents with the turtles,

Settle squabbles for the seals,

Go diving with the dolphins and

Spin cartwheels with the eels.

I just cannot wait to swim on down

Into a coraled sea,

And chat with my friend octopus

With a salty cup of tea.

Play hide-and-seek with otters

In a kelpy forest  green,

I’ll discover mermaids and

Meet their ocean queen.

Perhaps I’ll find a shipwreck

With hordes of pirate gold!

Battling sharks and monsters,

Unafraid and bold.


An intrepid mariner, that’s me-

The bravest one you’ve ever met-

Until then,  guess I’d better learn how to

Get my own face wet.


Book Anatomy

The story continues

A bit later next week:

What makes a great book?

Here’s a retro peek.


What did you want to be

When you were a child?

A pirate? A poet? A ninja perhaps?

It’s not to late to be a little wild.


Until next time we meet,

(I’m afraid this is the end)

Go enjoy a good book,

Happy reading my friend!

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