Mom Insists We Eat Fiber So… A Bookaneer Poem

Mom… so much inspiration to be found here. Including one instruction heard throughout my childhood about healthy eating, plus my own children’s breakfast habits. That’s right my friends: it’s rhyme time once more!

Mom Insists We Eat Fiber, So…

Jelly on Toast Mom poem Bookaneer

Grape jelly piled high,

Who can take the most?

If you look really hard

You might just spy the toast.

More in Store

Stay tuned dear reader! Right now me and my illustrator (aren’t her illustrations fantastic by the way?) are working on a whole new project. Coming out soon, a tribute to that most heroic of people: Mom.

Have an idea for a poem? Comment below and I’ll see what I can cook up in my next rhyme stew.

Until next time, you can always tide yourself over with some of my other poems.

Happy reading!



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