Momku: A Tribute to Motherhood

Momku has now begun! A collection of haikus, exploring the wild ride that is motherhood. Yup, it’s here at last, my latest writing inspiration.

There’s plenty to be had. Any mom may just be the unsung heroine of history. Because really… where would we be without her?

As mentioned before, this begins the first serial on the blog. Drawn from my own misadventures as mom, “Momku” is a book very dear to my heart. So, to count down to Mother’s Day, I will be posting  a sneak peek of the manuscript. Three poems a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to be precise) shared as a sample from each chapter.

So let’s get started. What’s first? Babyhood.

Swaddling’s Simple? Lies!

Baby taco Momku Bookaneer

Baby burrito?

It’s all coming undone. You’re

More like a taco.

Momku High Jinks

As ever, an enormous “Thank you!” to my illustrator Eva. That baby’s so cute I could eat him up.

Hungry for more? Look no further than my rhyme zone. An apologetic dragon and one evil cat await-plus lots more.

Two more baby verses to go this week, but that’s just the start. After all, once you’re a Mom, you’re in the sisterhood for life. Join the celebration with Momku!

Until next time, happy reading to you all.


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