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Zombie Mode: Momku Continues!

“Zombie” and “motherhood” are not as dissimilar as you might think… Especially when it comes to late night feedings.

The next sample from “Momku” is here! One trial of motherhood I’ll never forget its inspiration.

Last time I shared the “joys” of swaddling an infant. Now, brace yourself dear reader for now… yes now we go darker. When that baby is hungry, refuses to sleep, and all you want is half an hour (is that too much to ask? Just thirty minutes child!) of uninterrupted sleep things are bound to get a bit scary. For the true night of the living dead, look no further than a sleep deprived momma.


Zombie Mode

Zombie Mom

The ninth time tonight

Pitiful wails pierce my sleep:

He’s hungry. Again.


Baby Love

Luckily for babies, they’re incredibly cute. It’s a defensive mechanism, I swear.

This particular poem was inspired by one of my babies (who shall remain nameless). On one truly unforgettable night he woke up nine times. Within a seven hour period. Never have I felt more zombie like as I did then. Ah, memories!

What haiku would your baby inspire?

Coming up next: on Friday, one last peek at the baby days. The series will continue next week as Mother’s Day comes ever closer.

Until then, let us keep any zombie similarities to a minimum. May we all get as much sleep as humanly possible.

Happy reading!


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