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Tantrum Terror: “Momku” Ventures into Toddlerland

Tantrum: (noun) a sudden burst of rage, often a violent demonstration of frustration. Common in toddlers.

Welcome dear reader! Today you’re in for a treat. As Mother’s Day nears “Momku”, my new book of poems, continues. Last week was all about the Baby Days. This time we’re venturing into something much more wild: Toddlerland.

First though, I must apologize. Last week, instead of three samples from Baby Days, you only got two. Don’t fret. No need to burst into a rage. Due to the busy nature of life as mom, an extension was needed. My illustrator simply needed a bit more time.

The final baby haiku illustration took a bit longer than expected, so before we brave the terror of a toddler’s tantrum, first let us consider something a bit more… well, smelly.

Little Stinker

Little Stinker
(As ever, thanks for yet another great illustration Eva Jensen!)

What’s that funky smell?

Looking so pleased with yourself

I can guess the source.


Tantrum Terror

Tantrum Terror

Like a volcano,

Over the smallest trifle

You simply erupt!


Toddler Triumphs

Tantrums aside, the toddler phase can be a grand adventure. Their enthusiasm and willingness to explore the world around them is highly infectious, plus they’re still young enough that they love you to bits.

Coming up next, a little haiku titled “Heart in My Throat”. Comes out on Wednesday. You won’t want to miss it!

See you then,


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