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Elementary: A Momku Mystery

“Elementary my dear Watson” is actually a misquote. Sherlock HolmesĀ neverĀ said that… at least in any of the books.

When it comes to motherhood though, oppurtunities for a little detective work are rich in abundance (not to mention the chance to use this delicious quote).

Also, I am proud to present something entirely new here on the Bookaneer! For all of you teachers, home schoolers, and yes, my fellow writers out there with each new poem and story posted, as an added bonus I’ll be including a writing prompt. Taking the mystery out of the dreaded question “But what do I write?” out of the classroom, one post at a time.

Be it the Case of Bedtime Already? The Vanishing Cookies, or even The Hunt for Kids’ Writing Prompts, the answer to all this bewilderment is- you guessed it- quite elementary.

Bedtime Rodeo

Bedtime Rodeo Bookaneer Momku

Buckle up cowboy!

It’s bath, jammie wrestling, books…

Time to hit the hay.



Elementary Bookaneer Momku
(As ever, a special thanks to my illustrator, E. Jensen.)

Who stole the cookies?

With bulging bag and lunchbox-

No mystery here.

Write It Up

So, let’s get those creative juices flowing! Grab some paper, the nearest pencil on hand and write away my friend. Today’s writing prompt is as follows.

Calling all snack ninjas! Your mission is to steal, then hide the last few cookies from the cookie jar. Avoid detection from both parents (who’d make you put them back), and your little sister (who’d either tattle or demand that you share). Will your quest have a delicious end, or will everything crumble apart? Write a short story about your sweet stealthy adventure.

Until Friday when the last sneak peek of “Momku” will be shared, never stop reading my fellow bookaneers!





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