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Room of Doom: “Momku” Gets Messy

Make way! There’sjust one more, the last haiku, before the sneak peek of my book “Momku” is done.

Starting next week I’ll be back to the usual routine: a new rhyme or story once a week, plus a new writing prompt. Enough blather though- shall we get down to business?

Let us now venture into the great unknown: the wilds of a child’s room. Many parents fear to so much as enter such untamed desolation. Brace yourself dear reader… things are about to get messy.

Room of Doom

Room of Doom Bookaneer Momku

Lost in this jungle

Of clutter, it’s possible

You’re buried alive.

Rev Your Creative Engines!

And now, for those of you wanting to let your imaginations out to play, I present yet another writing prompt:

What terrible beast lurks within the clutter jungle of the Room of Doom? Write a description of this monster: its name, what it looks like, where it lives in the room, what it eats… plus how you can defeat it.

See you next week my friend. Until then, embrace a little more joy in life: keep reading, keep writing!


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