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Crafty Confession

Feeling crafty? No, this has nothing to do with glitter, glue or paints. It has everything to do with being wily. Shrewd. Artful even.

A confession (aka an excuse to explain my latest wrongdoing) seems to be where I wax the most creative. Why didn’t I clean my room? Why are my shoes left in the hall? This next poem -and the writing prompt that goes along with it- is all about our devious side…

Crafty Confession

Crafty Confession Bookaneer poem

The paper was far too small,


Meager, and


It simply wouldn’t do.

Which is why my great brainchild,


Inspiration, my


Upon the wall I drew.

Silly Synonyms

What’s a synonym you might ask? It is any word which means the same thing as another. Let’s play with that a moment.

Blue synonyms: azure, indigo and cobalt.

Happy synonyms: joyful, delighted and ecstatic.

What synonyms can you come up with? Grab some paper and a pen and let’s get scribbling, for here’s the latest writing prompt!

List three synonyms to describe your boring homework, plus three more to describe the fun thing you’d rather do instead. Write an excuse to your teacher using all six synonyms to explain why you didn’t do your homework last night.

Coming up next week…playing with animal phrases. Things will get pretty wild.

Never stop dreaming.  After all, we can all be a little more crafty. Never stop reading my friends!


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