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Halloween (Up North): Rhyming Through the Snow We Go!

Halloween up North can be cold. Given tonight’s weather forecast I’ll probably nag my kids to bundle up- not that we’d let anything so inconsequential as even a snowstorm wreck our fun tonight. After all… there is candy to be had! Meanwhile, enjoy my extra-special Halloween poem. Halloween (Up North) Grab your parka, Snow pants, hat,… Read More Halloween (Up North): Rhyming Through the Snow We Go!

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Jungle Gym Jitters

  You reached the top… Scary drop Come on now, it’s easy! My stomach feels queasy. Would I ever lie? I’m too young to die! Are you a baby? Hmmm… maybe. There-down you glide!   … I hate the slide.

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Hello Summer Vacation!

  Goodbye alarm clock, Hello sleeping in. Goodbye packed lunch, Hello ice cream on my chin.   Goodbye homework, Hello park. Goodbye math class, Hello stay up ’till dark.   Goodbye sweaters, Hello sun. Goodbye school… Hello fun!


Summer Survival, Part One

Ahh, summer! The season to savour sand between your toes, slurp ice cream cones and play in the garden… if only I don’t go insane. Too often my summer days have been spent cleaning up messes and serving as the media police.  As a SAHM I’m always at work, and from July to September this is… Read More Summer Survival, Part One