I wish I had a rocket ship To soar me to the moon, And dance along the Milky Way And not come back ‘til June.   I wish I had a motorbike To zoom along real fast, And weave along a winding road And other cars zip past.   I wish I had a… Read More Wanderlust

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Cream or Sugar?

Cream or Sugar? I hope I’m never too old To enjoy a tea party: Gathering with friends (Real or  imaginary) To visit and laugh Over the beautiful staccato Of delicate china. For really, tea tastes better When sipped from something Both dainty and pretty, And carving out time With dear friends Is far sweeter Than… Read More Cream or Sugar?


One Wise Rodent

Happy Groundhog Day to you all! Do you ever feel like Phil Connors? Stuck in a time loop,  just like the character does in the movie “Groundhog’s Day”? As he puts it “what would you do if you were stuck in one place, and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did… Read More One Wise Rodent

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Snack Ninja

“But Mum! I was hungry!” My mischievous Bruce may want to be a ninja when he grows up, but his current attacks on the kitchen is more reminiscent of a viking. Pillaging snacks on whim, he’ll take the loot and feast in his room. Given how he likes to hide the evidence, this leads to… Read More Snack Ninja