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Elementary: A Momku Mystery

“Elementary my dear Watson” is actually a misquote. Sherlock Holmes never said that… at least in any of the books. When it comes to motherhood though, oppurtunities for a little detective work are rich in abundance (not to mention the chance to use this delicious quote). Also, I am proud to present something entirely new here on… Read More Elementary: A Momku Mystery

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Tantrum Terror: “Momku” Ventures into Toddlerland

Tantrum: (noun) a sudden burst of rage, often a violent demonstration of frustration. Common in toddlers. Welcome dear reader! Today you’re in for a treat. As Mother’s Day nears “Momku”, my new book of poems, continues. Last week was all about the Baby Days. This time we’re venturing into something much more wild: Toddlerland. First… Read More Tantrum Terror: “Momku” Ventures into Toddlerland